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Stephen Fearing joined our roster last year, both with his solo performances and with Ireland’s Andy White as Fearing & White. Their sophomore album 'Tea & Confidences' was released in early spring of 2014 and has toured across Canada. Stephen's solo performances will be centre stage in 2015! 


Official showcasing at Womex 2013 resulted in much interest for April Verch, with touring through Germany, UK, Sweden, Belgium and Ireland for most of the summer of 2014. In 2015, April returns to Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden and debuts in Austria, France!  Her new album, 'The Newpart', releases in April! 


Steve Dawson has moved to Nashville and has a great new solo acoustic (instrumental) album out: ‘Rattlesnake Cage.’  Steve has toured Canada east and west in 2014 and will be spearheading the ‘Black Hen Traveling Roadshow Revue’ #2 spring 2016. More touring will be in the works for and also a new recording, with band back up this time.                                                                    


Annie Lou released a gem of a recording in 2014: 'Tried and True' ! And the band is new as well.  They are full of musical energy; see for youself with a look, listen and read on her artist page.                                                                     


‘Mysterious Boundaries’,  the latest album by Tony McManus, is loved around the world - Tony is forever breaking boundaries indeed. Upcoming will be a duo album release on Borealis and touring with Beppe Gambetta!  More news on that front soon!


Pharis and Jason Romero had another splendid year: touring, performing, homesteading .. festivals, concerts .. you name it. Their new release 'A Wanderer I'll Stay' was just released and is already garnering great reviews!


As always, we love working with you and connecting with you!  We've just returned from Womex 2014 in Spain, CAPACOA in Halifax, Rideau in Quebec City.  Next up is Pacific Contact in Vancouver, Trad Montreal and more!  Hope to see you soon!


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