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Frank Hoorn – Near North Music
9854 Adams Road,
Smithers, British Columbia, Canada V0J 2N7
Phone or Fax: 250 847 5228


Frank Hoorn/Near North Music  - Principal


Friends & Acquaintances from around town and further down the road:

Rayco Resophonicsthey make them gorgeous guitars & dobros seen on this website.
Mark Perryseven albums to date …fills the local theatres every time!
Theresa Pasalukoanother neighbour, naturally new and nifty!
Alex*Cubaglobal warming is hitting our little northern town…
Rachelle Van Zantenshe is a slide-rocker who makes the northern lights dance!
Yael Wand – a Wellsonian, do have a listen!
Raghu Lokanathando not miss this guy, now or later.
Penguin Eggswho says it’s a digital world, can’t wait for my next copy in the mail!
Northern Journey Folk Musicgrab bag site to connect to musicians and festivals.
WradWrad is Rad – curious?  Learn Roots Musicyup, you too can play! Northern Blueshowlingly good music!  Music Yukonthese folks got it all, wilderness, space, music, rivers, the world. Ottawa Folklore Centre - workshops & fine instruments and more in Ottawa 


Annie Lou

April Verch

Kobo Town

Pharis & Jason Romero

Stephen Fearing